LA Muscle LA Whey Gold protein Vanilla Flavour
LA Muscle LA Whey Gold protein, maximum gains no bloat. Image of a fit and muscular man
LA Muscle LA Whey Gold protein, triple filtrated highest biological value. Builds lean muscle, burns fat off, GMO free, suppresses appetite
LA Muscle LA Whey Gold protein, scientifically formulated, how LA Whey Gold works nutritional values, high quality protein, L-Glutamine, Leucine, GMO free, 3 branch chain amino acids, fibre
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Voted "Best for Hard Gainers", The Best Protein You Can Buy, 50g per serving.

LA Whey Gold - Vanilla

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The best protein your money can buy, giving you lean gains with no bloating

NEW LA Whey Gold is THE premium whey protein shake, providing 100% PURE protein, as used by the world’s top athletes. Just one serving of LA Whey Gold delivers 50g of premium grade whey protein concentrate, isolate and milk isolate for immediate and longer-term absorption into your muscles, to aid muscle mass growth and muscle recovery and repair.

New formula with fast & slow release protein and Isolates
50g of Premium Protein per serving
Triple filtrated, Pharma Grade, highest Biological Value

New LA Whey Gold with triple the power

Having listened to you, LA Muscle re-visited the LA Whey formula and now it's even better than before. The new LA Whey contains a mix of premium whey concentrate, whey isolate and milk isolate - triple the power for immediate and longer-term muscle recovery and muscle gains. This incredible new protein mixes even better and tastes more delicious than ever, without being too over-bearing or tasteless. It is THE best protein your money can buy. No corners have been cut in manufacturing LA Whey and hence why you get what you pay for with this incredible formula. LA Whey Gold is this "the best your money can buy" protein.


Protein is absolutely essential for muscle growth and repair, any serious athlete or sports person should pay close attention to their daily protein intake. LA Muscle recommends a ratio of a minimum of 1g of protein per pound of body weight to support and promote lean muscle gains, with 50g of protein per serving, LA Whey Gold helps you achieve this.


Each serving of this best-selling protein delivers 6.2g of Leucine, a muscle building amino acid that promotes protein synthesis. Unlike lesser protein powders, it has a complete amino acid profile providing all the essential amino acids (EAA’s), 13.5g branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and 10.7g of L-Glutamine to help build lean muscle, support fat loss and improve recovery.


LA Whey Gold also has a high potassium to sodium ratio meaning it is a rare protein that actually gets rid of water retention and helps you achieve a six pack and lose water weight from your body. LA Whey Gold is very popular with competing bodybuilders who want to look lean on stage and is used by some of the world's best-known athletes and celebrities.

Winner: "Best protein shake for hard gainers" Men's Health Supplements Awards

Most companies that don't like spending money on research & development or don't have the capabilities for high-end manufacturing processes will tell you that protein is protein. This is not the case. No other protein comes close to the quality of LA Whey Gold. Do not accept any lesser grade proteins if you are serious about your sport and how your body looks:

100% whey protein, no cheaper protein sources
Almost 50g of high grade protein per serving
100% GMO-free
Triple filtrated for no lactose using Patented CFM process
No artificial colours
Highest level of Glutamine at 17%
High levels of the 3 Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)
Highest Biological Value of 159+, meaning the most amount of protein deposits in your muscles
Pharma Grade and not just food grade
Ionic Exchanged, meaning only the best protein factions are chosen
Cold processed, so no denaturing of protein. Most other companies use heat!
Wheat-free, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians & Halal Certified
 No saturated fat
Very low carbs so ideal for those wanting lean muscle mass
High potassium to sodium ratio, helping to get your six-pack abs out!
Hypo-allergenic, thus suitable for those who are usually allergic to dairy
LA Whey Gold gives you no gas, bloating, stomach problems or bad breath
Triple power with very fast, medium and slow-acting protein peptides

Not all proteins are the same, you get what you pay for...

Read 21 reasons why LA Whey is totally different from other proteins HERE LA Whey Gold has won many awards for its high quality and been featured in national and international magazines and television channels such as SKY.


LA Muscle's full-strength premium sports supplements deliver the highest raw material qualify, non-compromising ethos and strict manufacturing practices. All LA Muscle supplements are scientifically researched and developed and manufactured to the highest pharma and standardised potency levels using the very best 100% natural raw ingredients.

* Please note: Due to the ingredients used in the formulation of this product, this supplement is not suitable for vegans.


Protein 49.6g
Carbohydrates 6.98g
of which sugars 3.64g
Fat 5.22g
of which saturates 1.89g
Fibre 6.94g
Calcium 214mgs
Potassium 390mgs
Phosphorus 228mgs
Sodium 105mgs
Magnesium 33.6mgs

Ingredients: Whey protein concentrate (Milk) (Emulsifier: Soya lecithin), Inulin, Natural Flavourings, Di Potassium Phosphate, Acidity regulator: (Citric Acid), Colour: (Beetroot), Sweetener: (Steviol Glycosides).


Supply: 1 Month

Serving size: 72g (2 heaped scoops)

Servings Per Container: 28

How to take: Add 2 heaped scoops to your LA Shaker with 400ml water or milk, and shake well to instantly mix. You can decrease/increase the volume of liquid accordingly, depending on personal taste preference.

Build Lean Muscle: Use 1-2 scoops LA Whey Gold 30-60 minutes pre-workout and 2 scoops in a post-workout protein shake, immediately after exercise.

Fat Loss: Replace 1 meal a day with 2-3 scoops of LA Whey Gold.

Use LA Whey Gold at any other time of the day to increase daily protein intake, such as breaking an overnight fast upon waking as a breakfast protein shake, or in-between meals to promote satiety.

Each tub will last: 1 Month

Supplements not medicines
LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. Male hormone boosters are for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle.

LA Muscle Tubs
In line with LA Muscle’s Green Policy and reducing carbon footprint, LA Muscle is using a “ONE SIZE” tub for most supplements. This is to reduce the use of plastic tubs by having tens of different sizes for various products and having to over-manufacture plastics. As a result, you may find that in many LA Muscle supplements, the tub is much bigger than the total size of all pills. You are still getting the exact number of pills/capsules/powder you have paid for, however there will be extra space at the top, giving the impression to some people that the tub is not full. This is solely because of our commitment to reducing the need for making extra plastic tubs. LA Muscle does not use cotton wool to fill up the extra space because cotton wool can attract microbes. Your safety AND the protection of the planet are big parts of the LA Muscle ethos.

Customer Reviews

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Keith Regan

Mixes well and good service

Ron Farrow

Great taste

leslie banham

i have been a fan of la whey gold for many years and have to say there is no other product on the market that comes near it.

Ernest Tuff

As I'm training with big volume I decided to go again for LA Whey Gold as 10x10's Z-bar curls and cable Pushdowns takes a lot out of the body. Found it taken with Creatine a great help.

Tim Stapleton

This is the best you can buy for sure. 5 stars